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Kitchen opens every day at 17:00
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Spaghetteria is all about fresh, homemade pasta and appreciation for ancient Italian traditions. In our own Laboratorio we turn the finest organic flour from Emilia Romagna into different types of pasta, all with their own shape, origin, and style of preparation. Naturally we also provide gluten-free variations.

We present the freshly made pasta to you at our two pasta-bars in a menu of three permanent classics and three other traditional dishes, which change on a daily basis. All supervised by the chef and based on his knowledge of, and love for, the food from his childhood. Served, of course, at one of the robust tables or intimate window seats. Afterwards there’s tiramisu or just espresso with dark chocolate.

So whichever location you decide to visit, the name Spaghetteria means exactly the same. High quality Italian food, served with some Amsterdam flair in a vibrant atmosphere.

Vi aspettiamo tutti per un buon piatto di pasta in Spaghetteria

We’ll be waiting for you with a plate of beautiful pasta at the Spaghetteria.

Nowadays, we are all increasingly aware of what we consume. We want to eat healthy and fair food. So when you sit down at one of our pasta bars, you want to know what’s on your plate and what was needed to prepare it. Here’s an overview of our ingredients and other resources.


Let’s begin with the pasta. The Grano Duro flour we use comes from a biodynamic farm in the hills of Tuscany. This means the farm is a sustainable part of the ecosystem that surrounds it. Our Farina ‘Tipo 0’ flour is produced by a cooperation of organic farms from Emilia-Romagna. There, in the Po Delta, you find the perfect conditions for growing the type of wheat we need. It’s a ‘young’ flour, meaning it hasn’t been sitting in storage for a long time.

Vegetables / Dairy / Other

Growing the tomatoes for our arrabbiata sauce requires water. However, our supplier is the first Italian company that published its ‘water footprint’. They’ve also teamed up with WWF Italy to find ways to reduce the use of water in their operations. The Ricotta cheese for our ravioli is made in Battipaglia, where three brothers run the dairy farm their father founded in 1930. Overall we use organic, Italian produce, except for basic ingredients such as chives, parsley, salt, and pepper.

Schaaldieren / Vis

Moving on to shellfish. The vongole are caught in the wild in Italy, and as such they do not have a certificate. Our mussels come from Zeeland and carry the ‘Zeker Zeeuws’ certificate. When we use fish from the ocean, it is MSC approved, just as farmed fish has the ASC stamp. Consuming fish or meat always has an effect on our environment; with these measures we try to limit our impact.


Our menu always features two pastas with meat. The sausage we use comes from Tuscany, where the hogs can roam freely and are fed responsibly all their lives. Large game – deer, wild hog – is shot at the Veluwe. To control populations, the government allows professionals to hunt these grounds. Our supplier is supervised by the NVWA, guaranteeing fair and sustainable operations.


Serving quality pasta dishes night after night requires more than only the ingredients. We try to make sustainable choices in everything we do. To save electricity, the refrigerators automatically switch off at night. The lighting in our restaurants is 75% LED (Of course we aim for 100%).

We buy our electricity from Qurrent, Holland’s greenest supplier for three years in a row now. Our waste is collected and processed by Suez. This company strives for maximum recycling, and eventually for a fully circular economy. Check out their website to learn how this works.

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De Van Woustraat afl. 4: De Spaghetteria
Spaghetteria Van Woustraat
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Reservations are not possible.

Kitchen opens at 5:00 PM

Lunch for more than 10 persons negotiable
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